Tower Road Branch Library Expansion

CSEI provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services for an 8,500 sq. ft. addition and renovation of the existing 15,000 sq. ft. space of the existing Tower Branch Library. The specific extent of the work included new premium efficiency DX split AC systems for the addition areas and a new dedicated outside air unit for providing conditioned ventilation air, reducing energy usage, and increasing the indoor environmental quality of all spaces. All HVAC systems were integrated with a building automation system to provide setback scheduling and demond-controlled ventilation to further minimize the energy demands of the building.

Electrically, new LED lighting systems were provided in the addition areas and in many of the existing spaces. A lighting controls system was provided to use daylight harvesting for automatic dimming control and occupancy sensors to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. Additionally, a complete upgrade of the existing fire alarm and data/communications systems was provided for the renovated and new areas. Lastly, new domestic water and sanitary systems were designed to support several new and renovated restrooms and modifications were made to the existing sprinkler locations throughout the renovated areas and new piping to ensure Code-compliance for the updated building.

Involved with all aspects of the project while overseeing each phase of its development, CSEI was responsible for the complete design, assistance during bidding, and construction administration. They provided design coordination, made regular field visits, reviewed shop drawings, and conducted closeout coordination.

  • Owner: Alachua County Library District
  • CSEI Construction Value: $724,272.60
  • Total Construction Value: $2,075,535.00